About Us

As mothers, Living simply is a lifestyle we seek out.
In our separate careers, we not only organized and de-cluttered but helped streamline office procedures and decrease unnecessary spending.

We not only practice what we preach, but we understand the immeasurable benefits that come from a ‘living better with less’ approach. With these personal lessons we take a holistic approach to organizing. Helping our clients create a simplified yet beautiful space that works for them and their unique needs.

The notion that the more we have, the better our quality of life, seems to be ingrained in our way of thinking. If you consider the time, money and energy it takes to accumulate these things, and consider the time, money and energy it takes to keep these things, you begin to see that having more (too much) actually takes away from your quality of life.

With the concept of ‘living better with less’, we help our clients to move from consuming unconsciously to consciously; to living for and with what you truly love and need. This approach is not only better for your space and for you spiritually, it’s better for your wallet and even the planet.

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