Entry Way

The clutter inside the door has a life of its own.
Morphing and growing when you’re not looking, the space can quickly be taken over by backpacks, gym clothes, instruments, sports equipment, shoes, and now mittens, hats, coats, scarves and boots.

Fortunately, there is cure!

Each entryway depends on the person, depends on the family. It’s best to go with the flow of the family.

If you have a mudroom or a closet close to the entry, the job will be easier. But if your catch-all spot is really far from the door, your family will need to adapt.

The theory of “everything in its place” only works if that place is well-labeled or easy to get to. Every family needs to make it easy and logical to follow.

A mudroom allows a dedicated space for shelves, hooks and baskets. If you have just a closet, assign a space for each person, giving every family member a labeled bin.

In the winter, a bin can corral gloves, hats, scarves and boots. In the summer, use it for swim goggles, flip-flops and ball caps.

It doesn’t have to be a canvas bin, it could be a shoe box, plastic containers from the dollar store work as well and it’s easy to clean out plastic.

Just be sure to measure your space before you shop so you know what size bins to look for.

If room is available, assign hooks or hangers, adapting a system to your space. Color code the area if that helps keep everyone organized.

When children are involved, give them a responsibility, such as making them keep their space tidy or cleaning the closet on a certain day.

If kids are encouraged to participate, they will rise to the occasion.

For exposed storage, hide the clutter with fabric. Make it softer, put a curtain it.

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