Simple garage organization ideas can change the way your garage space looks and functions.

Garage organization is all about accessibility.
The worst part about disorganized (and therefore messy) garages is that it is so difficult to access the stuff you need. Your garage will become infinitely more accessible if you store items by frequency of usage. Seasonal items, spare or replacement tools and rarely used sports equipment can be stored in higher, less easily-reached places. Items which come in handy more often should be kept in more accessible spots. When organizing, sit down and make a list. Don’t sort by how often you’d like to use the equipment, but by how often you actually utilize it. This will keep you from climbing over that old treadmill every time you need the stepladder.

Clutter happens on the ground, so use the wall and ceiling.
Extra garage clutter has a way of building up, leaving extra knickknacks and tools on the tops of whatever you have stacked on the floor of your garage. Wall shelving and hanging ceiling storage not only utilizes unused space in the garage, but also discourages the kind of junk-stacking that eats up so much space in garages. By using the walls and ceiling, you can allow for enough space for every item you have in your garage, and everyone knows that when every item has a home, it is much easier to keep a space clean.

Change your garage paradigm.
Garage organization will only take you so far if you view your garage as a second trash can. Many people treat the garage as a place where they can put items that they will never use again. After you make your list of items that you store in your garage and sort them by how often you use them, you’ll find a few boxes or items that you never use. While discretion can be used with very sentimental items, it is never wasteful to give away items that you won’t ever use. There is always someone else out there who will actually use it and it will do both you and them a lot more good if it isn’t sitting in a dark corner of a disorganized garage.

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