The latest trade to be added to this list of experts is the professional home organizer. We trained to survey a room, several rooms, or an entire house, and almost magically make the clutter and chaos go away. We adheres to the age-old adage that there is a place for everything, but can take that concept to creative levels consumers might take weeks or months to accomplish on their own.

We have been organizing homes and offices for the past several years, working with homeowners, office managers and Realtors to achieve organized bliss. Our clientele includes homeowners who bring us in to make sanity and logic out of any space in a house. For these regulars, we also offers post-organizing periodic maintenance visits to keep both their visible and hidden-from-view environments clutter-free. People become entrenched in their habits, not thinking before putting things away, just to get them out of view. Once we set them up, we try to help them establish a routine for logically thinking about where everything goes, so that their habit for orderliness becomes routine.

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