Space Issues

If you are interested in improving the organization of an existing space in your home, the following bullet points are typical services we offer.

Design and MAXIMIZE new storage spaces –
Coordinate tear-out of existing closet, garage and other spaces including existing shelving and cabinets if deemed not functional.
Design and coordinate installation of new closets, pantries, garage organization systems and offices including shelving, built-in cabinets and storage furniture.

Reduce clutter-
Help you determine what is staying and what can go.

Physically remove items –
Move to another room, discard to dump, donate to charity, bring to resale shop or post on internet to sell.

Organize the “keepers”-
Define activity zones. Determine relationship of one activity to another to determine where zones should be. Assign a home for every item. Make items that are used most often ACCESSIBLE.

Shop for containers and tools-
Consider aesthetics, functionality, size and BUDGETS.Can also use storage components client already owns.

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