Keeping your home organized can feel like a futile task, especially when faced with the overwhelming prospect of doing it all at once. Here are 2 key tips that can serve as a starting point as you begin the process of storage organization.

De-clutter by discarding.
If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably never will. Clothing, toiletries, kitchen appliances — you name it, you can discard it. Don’t forget the important step of determining if you can donate it to a Goodwill. If it is damaged, broken, or not operating, they won’t accept it. But don’t despair! For many items, there is the option of recycling them so that the materials are eventually re-used.

Make it visible.
If you can’t see it, you won’t know it’s there — and you’ll never use it again! This goes not just for items that you use every day in your life, such as shoes, papers, kitchen utensils, jewelry, and bathroom supplies. Be sure to make those weekly or monthly items easily visible. That jar of cumin, for example, should be viewable with a quick spin of a tray or slide of a shelf. Even belongings that are impossible to be physically visible — like last year’s tax return, for instance, should be listed on a document inventory or carefully labeled in a tabbed folder.

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